Little Glitters Kids Party


Our services at Little Glitters include comprehensive birthday planning tailored to create memorable and magical celebrations.We provide themed decorations to match your child’s favorite characters or interests, ensuring a visually stunning setup.

Our delicious and kid-friendly snack options keep everyone satisfied, while our thoughtfully curated return gifts leave a lasting impression on your guests.We offer a spacious and air-conditioned hall that accommodates both children and adults comfortably, complete with ample car parking. Kids can enjoy a variety of activities, including a ball pool with slides, trampoline, wall climber, sand pit, reading corner, mini ice hockey, and a bunker bed play area.

With our expert planning and attention to detail, we handle everything from start to finish, allowing you to relax and enjoy the special day.Let us transform your child’s birthday into an extraordinary experience filled with laughter, joy, and lasting memories.

Kids Birthday Party Venue

Celebrate with themed decorations, fun activities, and delicious snacks. Enjoy a stress-free, magical experience with our comprehensive planning. Create unforgettable memories in our spacious and vibrant venue.

Birthday Planner

Complete event planning with themed decorations, snacks, and return gifts. Stress-free coordination for memorable and joyful celebrations. Expertly crafted experiences tailored to your child's special day.

Kids PlayZone

Exciting activities like ball pool, trampoline, and wall climber.
Safe and fun environment for endless play and adventure. Perfect for kids to explore, learn, and enjoy.

Themes Option

Games Option